Elements of Literature

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In this module we define and classify elements of literature required in the K-6 curriculum.

  • What do stories have in common?
  • What elements of literature do we teach and when?
  • What are some strategies for teaching elements of literature?

Through reading, writing , and particapting as a class we will explore these questions.

The Readings

Rusul Alrubail with a review on writing a literary analysis piece.

Literary Elements a quick guide of common definitions from the State of Oregon.

Traci Gardner shares an exemplar lesson on teaching plot structure.

Common Core State Standards for Reading Literature

in grades K-5

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

We will annotate the CCSS standards on our own website

In this module choose one specific Reading for Literature standard. Trace it across the K-5 grade bands. Pay attention to specific knowledge and skills and how they change over time.


Write a blog post about your reactions to the reading.

How do you you create a school climate that supports this type of progression in Reading for Literature?


Performance Task: Create a slide deck that teaches an element of literature

Choose a grade level and identify what elements of literature will be taught. Create a slidedeck (ppt, google slides, video, or animation to teach this concepts.

Provide feedback to a peer's slide deck. Pay attention to how well their learning activity would elicit evidence of knowledge growth towards the stated learning objective. Does the objective move students to mastery of the grade level expectation?