Literacies and Worldviews

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In this module we we will we take a critical look at children's literature. Specifically we will understand how voices can be silenced or hidden in curriculum. More importantly we will explore how to use literature as tool for trajectory. A source of agency

  • What does deficit thinking do to the literature classroom?
  • How can we use specific texts, parents, and the community for teaching and empowerment?
  • What are some great stories to share?

Through reading, writing , and particapting as a class we will explore these questions.

The Readings

Alfred Tatum: Engaging African American Males in Reading

Ebony Thomas: The Dark Fantastic

Jacob McWilliams rationale for doing queer work in schools

Lori A. Norton-MeierA Thrice-Learned Lesson from the Literate Life of a Five-Year-Old

The Tasks


As a note to all: We will read sensitive materials during this module. We are asking questions that stir emotions and memories. They may challenge deeply held beliefs and societal structures. No one is ever required to publish their thoughts at any time. If you ever need an alternative assignment please ask. When we are gathering as a class lets be open to all perspectives during our discussions.

Most importantly remember to listen.

Complete the readings.


Write a blog post about your reactions to the readings. Think back to our content analysis of biographies. What are you going to do with what you have learned these last two modules?


You will randomly be assigned to a group.

Your group must choose two books from this listThe Collaborative for Equity In Literacy Learning. Get together and read the two books. Organize a snapchat or instagram meet up (sharingq pics of quotes and thoughts), meet face to face for coffee, use text messages. Use the class stream and make your own channel. Just read and discuss the books together. Publish your thinking.

As a group annotate the article "Thrice Lessons Learned." Use a shared tag. Respond to and reply to each other.